PUSH & TONE FITNESS - PUSH your self & TONE your body
This is a one hour ladies fitness class in the park with a qualified advanced personal trainer/ postnatal instructor for busy ladies/mums or even dads  who want to get back into shape. You don't have to have a baby or a pushchair to attend but if you have you are welcome to bring them along.Whether its to burn off baby weight, tone up or just to get fit and healthy in the open fresh air then this is for you.
There is no pressure you go at your ouwn pace and level, this is also a chance for new mums to socialise & group support that could help the baby blues.
The class contains strength, fat burning, core & toning exercises, we use the benches & steps in the park plus other equipment like exercise bands, medicine balls, kettle bells & skipping ropes to name but a few.
20% more calories are burnt outside rather than in.
You work harder & improve core strength coping with uneven surfaces & the natural elements.
Fresh air into your lungs rather than the air-conditioned gyms.
According to Professor Robert Winston 20 mins of fresh air every day is beneficial to baby's IQ.
Good for your immune system which means the more time you are outside rather than inside, the less likely you are to pick up germs.
The natural light lifts moods and is proven to be a natural stress reliever & also aids vitamin D production which is good for the bones, skin, immune system & especially beneficial to breast feeding mums and absolutely fantastic for little one.
Just a bit about myself. I served 14 yrs in the British Army as a Physical Training Instructor, I have a diploma in Advanced Personal Training, optimum & sports nutrition, personal development & client care, fitness assessment & health appraisal, lifestyle management. I'm a gymnastic coach, weight lifting instructor, I've attended a swiss core ball course at Bath University & a post/ante natal course in Oxford, I've also represented Great Britain In Bobsleigh.
I live in Norwich with my husband & our two daughters who were both born by c-section (one a month prem) so I'm well aware of the recovery time.
My Classes are Thursday morning Waterloo park angel road and Friday mornings at Eaton Park, South Park Ave end. The class is for 1 hour & is £5 per class for your first one to see if you like it then you need to buy a block after that of 5 or 10. Please don't just turn up as I need To send you an email regarding the do's and don'ts if you have just given birth before you attend.
You get an exercise band free with your first block booking  a block of 5 is £25  this is valid for 2 months or a block of 10 Is £45 so you get a class free , this is valid for 4 months. You get given a card that I sign each time you attend a class. And can attend either class Exercise bands can be purchased separately.
I also do ladies one2one personal training.
These classes only run in term time they stop in the school holidays.
I also run bounce and tone fitness classes at high altitude trampoline park whiffle road mon and tues mornings these don't stop in the holidays there is a child care area available if needed.
Please feel free to look me up on Netmums website & read the comments some of my mums have written who have attended my classes. I've also been awarded a gold star favourite by netmums members as one of their favourite classes in Norwich. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for your time.
Victoria Toone
Advanced Personal Trainer
Mob 07711 227421
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